Athletics Director
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Dean of Students/Direct Report
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Faculty Athletics Representative
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Assistant AD
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Sports Information Director
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Athletic Operations Specialist/SWA
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Compliance Officer
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Athletic Trainer
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The Gallaudet University Athletics Department is committed to helping academically qualified women and men compete in sports at the highest level possible and encourage personal development. Through intercollegiate athletic competition and intramural sports, the Athletic Department works to create a sense of pride in the competitiveness, ethics and integrity of Gallaudet University teams.
Student Learning Outcomes/Goals at Program Level:
  • Provide an equal opportunity for female and male student-athletes of good character and acceptable academic standing, to compete in organized intercollegiate athletics at the highest level while pursuing a baccalaureate degree;
  • Provide an opportunity for each student-athlete to grow as a whole person by enabling involvement in more areas of student life and implementing tools that will aid the student-athlete after graduation;

  • Utilize intercollegiate athletics as a means to reach and draw together the University community, the alumni and the deaf and hard of hearing people, and to provide a source of institutional pride to alumni, faculty, staff and students through athletic competitiveness and academic integrity;

  • Ensure, in all areas of intercollegiate athletics, that Gallaudet University demands and functions with integrity, high moral and ethical standards, and strict adherence to the spirit and letter of all Gallaudet University, Capital Athletic Conference and NCAA rules, including all civil laws
Sport & Staff Phone Email
Curtis Pride
Men's Basketball
Kevin Kovacs
Women's Basketball
Stephanie Stevens
Men's & Women's Cross Country
Byron Moore
Men's Soccer
Pedro Braz
Women's Soccer
Liza Offreda
Joseph Kolcun
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
Larry Curran
Women's Volleyball
Lynn Ray Boren